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  • Upcoming digital private events and mentorship from our entrepreneurial network


Why Students Need to be Future Ready Innovators and Entrepreneurs


By 2020, half of the nation’s jobs will be in the freelance or new “gig-economy.” That is to say that people will have to find their own opportunities, be flexible in their work approach, and be self-motivated to push past the competition. 

The biggest problem we face is that the current model of education has taught our kids to sit down, behave, and wait for instructions. 

So while the world is rapidly rewarding the risk takers, the disruptors, the outside of the box thinkers- our schools have been rewarding the compliant, the “good kid” that repeats back the “correct answer.” 

We’ve operated under the assumption that as long as our students get good grades, do what they’re told, and get in to college, there would be a job waiting for them. 

If you look at the data, this is no longer the truth. Our “good students” are lacking the innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial problem solving skills that are THE most demanded now by ALL companies. 

So we have thousands of recent graduates that did what they were told, but have few prospects, a lack of marketable skills, no network, and few job prospects. Is it any wonder that our youth suffers from anxiety, depression, high debt and stunning underemployment? 

This is why we created

Future Ready U 

Hellbent to bunker-bust the outdated educational model of subservient students and out-of-touch-teachers, he’s a vanguard for the exciting educational reform that’s taking place across schools in this country at this very moment
— Tom Bilyeu

What Is Future Ready U?

Future Ready U is a community and online academy that first teaches THE MOST important aspect for ANYONE preparing themselves for success - the entrepreneurial mindset.

We know that not everyone will become an independent entrepreneur, but we know that EVERYONE should think like an entrepreneur.

Our academy covers two key areas of study:


Defining "Why" & "Your Purpose" 
Skill Sets & Techniques
Leveraging Content + Social Media


Basics of Starting
Operations & Logistics
Launching & Surviving


Your student will be able to

  • Find opportunities and take action.

  • Be able to bring value to others and lead.

  • Become less stressed, anxious. 

  • Stand out from the competition of the “compliant culture.”

  • Become goal oriented.

  • Understand HOW to take positive risks.


Our mindset course isn’t a bunch of catch phrases and empty promises - it’s a process. My name is Don Wettrick, and I’ve been teaching an innovation class for almost a decade. I’ve also been interviewing and collaborating with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders from all over the world. With the insights I’ve gained from my students and these guests from my collaborative work and podcast, I’ve put together a program that will transform YOUR child from unmotivated student to innovator - from fearful to confident. 

The best part of this class is that we have built a community of successful teens, young entrepreneurs, and ultra-successful thought leaders to be a support center for our students as they navigate through this new world of thought and innovation.

The fact that you guys get a class like this, an Innovation class, to fail and try things. It’s a gift. Make sure you take advantage of it. I wish more schools had innovation classes.
— Tim Ferriss

What Students Will Learn


Innovation - We train your student not just how to be “innovative” in theory, but steps and techniques that allow them to reframe problems and ideate new solutions. We call this the “Opportunities are Everywhere Mindset.” This allows your student to find opportunities where others simply complain.

Empowerment - We empower your student to not wait around for permission, but rather know how to confidently take action now and become an inspiration to those around them… because they took action! 

Self-Awareness - Learning how to identify your own strengths, but also identify and improve on weaknesses is an important skill. Self-awareness is often considered the most valued skill when creating leadership positions.  

Empathy - We want YOUR child to be successful- just not an arrogant “look at me” success story. We will also train your student to do more than just provide “empathetic” lip-service to a social cause or problem (aka- the social justice keyboard warrior what doesn’t do anything), but rather to take action and provide change in the world. 

Marketing & Branding - We train your student how to market their product, service, or event- but also understand how to create their own brand. People that know how to brand both their products and themselves stand out and succeed at a higher level.  

Collaborative, results-driven activities - This course is designed for your student to collaborate with other members of this community- and most optimally, collaborate as a family! These lessons and challenges are not “theory” based; We want YOUR student to take the first steps to real entrepreneurial ventures. We even have coaching on how FAMILIES can create their own ventures and create income as a family!

Productivity Routines & Flow Hacks - Maybe one of the most practical and helpful parts of our course is learning how to be productive. Through our interviews with top performers around the world, we’ve put together some amazing routines that will optimize your mental state, support overall health, and get you into a state of flow. Exploring these routines will increase your productivity to new heights. 

Basics of Becoming an Entrepreneur - We give a comprehensive, yet beginning approach to understanding the basics of entrepreneurialism. We dive into how to research an idea, test and understand the “ROTH-IRA” approach to the entrepreneurial cycle. We also get an understanding of funding and legal considerations to understand before you launch a business, big or small. 

“You’ve turned the classroom into an innovation factory.
— Dan Pink

Our Class Structure

One of our first tenants is that ALL STUDENTS SHOULD BE HOMESCHOOLED… some just get home at 3pm.

I’m a public educator, but I still homeschool my children - at the dinner table, through our travel, and by our works. Thus, we were mindful that this course be built into a timeframe where families could take this course together. In fact, I KNOW that parents and grandparents will learn just as much from this course - and it WILL prepare them for the changing employment landscape. 

So with the family in mind, the class lessons have been laid out in smaller “bite sized” sections. Most videos are between 7 to 10 min and have an action plan after the video. But we do not want this to be a sit-and-get theory class- we ask that you take action… now! We want you to “download your lessons and upload your successes!”

We recommend 30 minutes a night to go though our videos, have some time to discuss, and practice the action steps. Obviously students can take the slower approach and do one or two classes a week and have longer, weekly discussions. Parents that homeschool their children can also take the mindset and entrepreneurial in a semester- based approach. Best of all, you can go back and visit the sections that might need to be re-visited without having to go in chronological order. 

“I’m really impressed with you... and the work you and Hunter are doing to make a ruckus.
— Seth Godin

The Network - “It’s Not What You Know, But It’s Who You Know.”

One of the MAIN reasons parents are signing up for this academy is the community. Many people assume that college is where students meet their network, providing the “it’s not what you know, but you you know” advantage that  people really want. Our belief is “why do you have to wait until college (and spend on average $25,000 a year)?”

You can start networking now.

This class not only teaches your students how to network with successful, growth driven individuals - but also introduce you to the network that already exists with the Future Ready U and StartEdUp community. 


This is why we encourage YOUR student to take the classes, but also actively interact and collaborate with this global network.

Idea generation, prototyping feedback, support, and finding trusted mentors is one of the best reasons to belong to Future Ready U. By building these networks and being able to count on a truly global entrepreneurial community, this gives your child (and family) an advantage over those who are hoping that things “turn out ok” and go the traditional route. 

We are currently planning summer enrichment experiences in 2018. These in-person experiences will include workshops in branding, startup advice, healthy lifestyle advice, and networking with successful, driven students.

We also have the ambitious goal to be provide co-working experiences in ten major US cities. More to come on that soon! 

We need more Dons out there doing exactly what you do. Teaching the way you think, doing the things you are doing with your class and StartEdUp.
— Jeff Hoffman

The Instructors


Don Wettrick

Our team was formed by a teacher and his student. 

Don Wettrick is the founder of StartEdUp- an educational movement and podcast that has helped many schools to implement innovation and entrepreneurial curriculum from k-12. He was Centric’s “Innovator of the Year” in 2015, and has also been featured on several shows, podcasts, blogs, and books for his work into integrating innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset into k-12 education. 

The StartEdUp podcast features top level authors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to provide insights into learning, success, and innovation. It has subscribers from over one hundred countries and has been recognized for its lessons and world-renowned guests. 

In fact, after podcasts with Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin, Don was questioned by both guests why he didn’t offer his “Innovation” class to students outside of his school district. With this idea in mind, we created the “Future Ready U Academy” with the rest of his team. 


Hunter Stone

Hunter is the co-founder of StartEdUp and a former student of Don's Innovation Class. He is currently a student at Indiana University, as well as an entrepreneur, educator and consultant. He has honed his skills and passions in business by creating several software companies and consultancies, many in the EdTech sector. Hunter is also an instructor, curriculum developer and project manager for an Indianapolis coding school.


Nik Koyama

Nik is a 23-year old serial entrepreneur. With a business record including a local coffee shop, two Video production agencies and an online marketing company, Nik's goal is to constantly find ways to help entrepreneurs with deep purpose to reach and serve the people who need them.


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